10 Jobs Dogs Could Do Better Than Humans!!

Most humans who have a genuine love for dogs have no problems with letting their pups play around on the couch day in day out while they, humans go out to work hard to ensure that their pooches are provided with a better life.

Many people do not expect their dogs to have jobs, and that is commendable. It’s great that dogs do not compete with humans in the workforce; else, many people would be jobless because dogs have the potentials to do what humans do, and even do them better. Well, kind of.

Below are ten professions that dogs are capable of doing better than humans.

10- Doctor Or “Dog-tor”

Whenever I’m down and feel sick, I turn to my dogs to brighten me up and make me feel better again. All they need to do is to apply a few licks on my face and advise me to stay in bed for the whole day, coupled with cuddling, and in no time, I would be back on my feet strong again. All thanks to my doggy doctors.

And dogs do better than that being medical professionals. Trained dogs can detect cancer with their sense of smell alone. They can do that with just their sniffers, no test or machine is required.

Additionally, they’re capable of predicting anxiety attacks, reduce PTSD, and can as well assist disabled people physically. Having such a dog will make you pay your dog insurance confidently.

Though they may lack the ability to prescribe drugs and may elicit allergies in some of their patients, they love and care for humans; and love to take care of humans as much as human doctors do.

9. Personal Trainer

A dog that needs a walk can motivate you to get up from the couch more than anything.

Dogs can serve as exercise reminders to us. They notify us when it’s time to go out for some exercises. And they will ensure that we stayed engaged throughout the walk with their love to go potty from time to time.

We can say that If you failed to help your dog burn off some energy, they might likely provide some workout for themselves. And that may include chewing and destroying your stuff, knocking over your garbage cans, and creating other havocs that would have you spend some energy to clean and organize them again.

A dog can get you on your toes whether you’re ok with it or not, and that makes them perfect workout couches and accountability partners.

8. Paleontologist

Paleontology deals with digging up of old bones from the earth surface. And you should have noticed that dogs love to dig up bones. Digging up is their hobby.

Dogs are naturally gifted with the ability to sniff out important things buried underneath the earth surface, and that natural love for digging would make them much valuable at excavating sites.

Although you may sometimes experience a little difficulty in getting back the bones from the dogs, or they may likely bury them in other different places, but they would always be happy to be invited for some digging jobs.

7. Therapist

A therapist is someone who can be trusted, a person that can listen to you without judging you. He/she should be able to keep your secret without letting it out. Therapists provide comfort, encouragement, and help alleviate pains, reduce stress as well as anxiety. Can anyone do that better than a dog?

They use therapy dogs to assist people who are going through stress or crisis. Higher institutions are now using therapy dogs to help students manage anxiety, and these dogs are also taken to scenes of tragedies to assist victims in coping.

With a dog in your house, you already have a personal therapist who would listen to you all the time without getting tired.

Having such a friendly and compassionate dog makes paying pet insurance easy for dog owners.

6. Ball Boy

The job of a ball boy is effortless. If you have witnessed where a tennis ball is being played, whether on the television or in real life, you would have seen someone going around to pick the stray balls moving about on the court at the end of the volley, such a person is known as a ball boy.

Dogs love the game of fetch very much. And the job of a boy ball is like a lengthy game of fetch. As a matter of fact, in Brazil, shelter dogs have been used as ball boys during tennis matches to create awareness and promote adoption. And there is a pet care insurance that is affordable and covers a lot about your dog. Pups are very good at the job of a ball boy, and they will be able to do it to create awareness and help other dogs get adopted.