20 Dangerous Foods People Give to Their Dogs Without Realizing It and why pet insurance is important?

It has been recorded that many households in the United States have one pet or another as a member of their family. An estimation carried out in 2018 showed that about 68% of households are owners of a pet. This percentage is bigger than the percentage of households with children.

One cannot get tired of looking at those beautiful big brown eyes, and how can one describe that adorable doggie grin? Just amazing! A beautiful doggie grin can tempt you to take a picture of your dog and create some funny dog memes for your social media post. LOL!!

But has it ever crossed your mind that those little table rewards and some of the other stuff you give to your dog can be harmful to your pup?

The Animal Poison Control Center, ASPCA recorded about 199,000 poisoning cases in 2018. And about one-fifth of those cases were caused by human food ingestion.

You may be surprised to hear such; but yes, some of the foods you give to your dog can harm your dog. So, to avoid giving some of these toxic foods to your dog when you visit some dog-friendly restaurants in the future, read this article to end to know some of the foods that can be harmful to your dog.

Without further ADO, let’s dive in!

20- Cat Food

The foods created for cats have lots of proteins and fats that are aimed at a cat diet, not that of a dog. The level of protein and fat in cats’ foods are high for your dog, and that makes cat foods unhealthy for your dog. Cat food can cause obesity, stomach upset, and pancreatitis for your dog if ingested too much. So, when next your dog food delivery person comes around, remember to buy enough food for your cute little dog. Having such a friendly and compassionate dog makes paying pet insurance easy for dog owners.

19- Human medicine

Human medicine is created according to the working mechanism of the human body, so, a dog should not be given human medicine. Your dog health insurance is vital. And human medicine can cause a severe health issue to your dog. Keep all it away from your dog’s access as much as you keep them away from kids. You have been consistently paying for your dog insurance, so why not ensure that no over-the-counter drug is given to your dog except when it’s recommended by your vet. You can observe and find out if your dog truly knows what is right by going over a list of house insurance companies with your dog. You will be surprised at what you’ll discover. Some common components of pain relievers and cold medicine like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be very harmful to your dog.