One of the best events of the year is approaching! Halloween is almost here! We prepared a cool collection of ideas that will help you to decorate your house and create cool and inexpensive costumes that will scare your friends! Pumpkin carving takes a lot of time and skills. I do not like to carve a pumpkin and prefer to make a pumpkin from different materials like cement, yarn and even dryer vent hose. Concrete is a cool material for crafting Let’s start from cement pumpkin! It’s a quick project that is cute! You will need cement, old tight and rubber bands. You can paint your pumpkin in any color you like! Watch the full tutorial in our video! The next idea of creating a pumpkin is even easier, you will need a balloon, a rope, tape, and newspapers. And don’t forget to pain your lovely pumpkin! You can make a super-cute garland with pumpkins made from the yarn! Check out a lot of decoration ideas for your home! You can make a spooky decoration that will surprise your friends and make a party memorable. Learn how to create a ghost using plastic wrap and cheesecloth. You will find cool ways to decorate a table for a party.

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