Home Business Bad News Is Piling Up for Chip Makers

Bad News Is Piling Up for Chip Makers

Bad News Is Piling Up for Chip Makers

The months follow one another and look alike for the manufacturers of semiconductors.

There is an ongoing cycle of bad news for these companies whose chips power almost all the technological hardware that we use in our daily lives whether they are phones, laptops, PCs, video games, televisions, electronic devices, cars, etc.

Companies also need their microprocessors and graphic cards in their day-to-day operations, whether for their data center or cloud. 

For months, fears of a hard landing in the economy due to aggressive interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve to fight inflation at its highest in 40 years have been a headache since the beginning of the year for Nvidia  (NVDA) , Advanced Micro Devices  (AMD) , Intel  (INTC) , Micron  (MU)  and Qualcomm  (QCOM)

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