Home Latest News Queue time to see coffin reaches eight hours

Queue time to see coffin reaches eight hours

Queue time to see coffin reaches eight hours

More from Berny Torre.

Noting that Queen Elizabeth II had met with Boris Johnson and officially made Liz Truss PM 48 hours before she died, Bose added: “What a remarkable extraordinary woman, that tells you what service is.

“She was relentless in duty and dedication and she’s not just a monarch, not just a mother, not just a grandmother, she was an exceptional, extraordinary human being.

“We have so much to learn not only in the UK but the international community.”

Asked what kept her going while she waited in the queue, she said: “What kept me going was her strength of character, her responsibility, her devotion and commitment.

“When I was leaving my house I didn’t realise I was emotional but I cried there on the train station. I calmed down but going through and seeing the coffin gives you closure.

“You don’t believe it until you see it, so it gives you closure. It was cathartic, overpowering and overwhelming.

“(seeing her coffin) was emotional, heartbreaking but it means closure that she’s actually gone, she’s  actually left us, we will never see this in our lifetime.”

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