Stay Away From These 11 Deadly Foods That Could Cause Cancer

You may know that optimal health starts in the kitchen, and but did you know that diet is at the heart of many cancers?

In fact, up to 70% of cancers are thought to be preventable through diet. The other 30% has to do with genetics and environmental factors that you can’t control.

Still, those are solid odds to encourage better eating! Stick with us for all the foods you would do best to avoid in order to minimize your chances of ever developing cancer.

At the end, we’ll show you an easy way to determine what stuff is actually good to eat.

11. Canned Products

Canned food tends to contain really high levels of salt and/or sugar, but that’s not the main reason it is bad for you. It’s actually the cans that contain the food.

They are often lined with the dangerous chemical BPA, which is a known hormone disrupter that has also been linked to cancer. BPA will leech into whatever food comes in contact with it, especially things that are naturally acidic, such as tomatoes.

Eat your produce fresh or frozen instead, or only buy canned products that are labeled as BPA-free.

10. Soda Pop

We are not telling you anything you don’t already know when we say that soda is bad for you. Sugar is necessary in small amounts, but is also cancer cells’ favorite food, and sodas contain enough to choke a horse.

It also has no redeeming nutritional value and puts you at greater risk of cancer due to the artificial chemicals and colorings that are added. If it’s a caffeine energy boost you need, a much healthier option is lightly sweetened tea or coffee, both of which have anti-cancer properties.

To get the bubbles in soda without the negative health consequences, buy carbonated water and add a touch of citrus juice for flavor.

9. Potato Chips

Chips aren’t healthy because they contain a lot of salt and saturated fat which is overwhelming to your body’s digestive system.

The reason they increase your cancer risk is something called acrylamide, a carcinogenic chemical that occurs anytime food is cooked to a high temperature.

Frying potatoes produces a lot of it, but it’s also the reason why health experts advise against charring your meat during cooking. Acrylamide is also found in cigarettes and is part of the reason they are so deadly.

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